Adventure World
Theme park in Perth, Australia. Adventure World is currently home to 24 rides and attractions.
Been here?
Cabanas available for rent.
Rampage theming photobombs Kraken.
The drive system appears to be completely re-engineered compared to previous models.
Tunnel of Terror in bloom.
The Lagoon is an Adventure World original.
Abyss' dive loop.
Some of the bizarre theming on Rampage.
The collection of slides and bumper boats at the northern end of the park became part of the "Nautica" area,
A summer paradise.
Kahuna Falls opened in 2011, and really fleshed out the water activity offerings at the park.
Inversions abound.
Abyss remains the single biggest investment at the park.
Perhaps the one embuggerance is bystanders being unable to watch the funnel up close.
That's a big raft conveyor!
The ship being destroyed is called "The Adventurer"
You can get a sense of the elevation change this ride achieves, with the tip of the funnel just visible, and Bibra Lake beyond.