Tokyo Disneyland
Theme park in Urayasu, Japan. Tokyo Disneyland is currently home to 31 rides and attractions.
Been here?
An elevated walkway links Maihama station with Disneyland, passing some over the top themed shops along the way.
Onboard the driver-less monorail.
Resort Gateway station, which is the main interchange point with the Japan Rail network.
The main entrance to Tokyo Disneyland.
Hand straps onboard the monorail.
The Tokyo Disney Resort Line monorail is outside the park boundary and is open for the public to use. The only catch is there is a fare to ride.
The ever present Mickey Mouse.
At the time of our visit the front plaza was under renovation.
Tokyo Disneyland turnstiles. Our advice...Arrive early! This photo was taken around 7am.
The hotel is directly adjacent the gates, and has its own monorail station.
Outside the gates is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.
On Boxing day, no trace of the Christmas tree.
The Disneyland Christmas tree.
Penny Arcade
The entrance to World Bazaar from Tomorrowland
Looking towards Pirates of the Caribbean.
Looking back towards the main entrance.
The view when you first enter Tokyo Disneyland.
Center Street Coffee House