Warner Bros. Movie World
Theme park in Gold Coast, Australia. Warner Bros. Movie World is currently home to 15 rides and attractions.
Been here?
Want to know which rides are closed before purchasing tickets? It's right there... in the fine print on the screen in the middle.
Arkham Asylum, the target a lot of media scrutiny as of late.
That awkward moment when Main St Deli's standard menu is more unique and interesting than Sea World's Carnivale.
Movie World is also in full swing for Chinese New Year 2017.
Some of those details that you've probably seen many times but never really looked.
It spreads out onto Main Street.
The area has of course been used recently to host Ultimate Terror Tour guests during Fright Nights, which is about the most action the area gets with theme park guests.
More windows, more trinkets.
Even the windows above are filled with detail like this birdcage... with a bird.
Did we mention that the area is just really nice to wander through and look at?
It's hard to think how the park could make use of the area save for its primary purpose as a special events / function venue, but it's worth a look and a wander during any visit to Movie World.
Creating that cluttered market feel while also keeping things out of reach of guests.
The Moroccan look and feel fills the entire are.
Refreshing in any language... or something like that? (I'd like my kickback now please, Coca-Cola.)
It's unusual in Australia to see this kind of detail in an area that 'just exists'.
The arch that was rebuilt last year.
It's a pleasant corner of the park that unfortunately doesn't get much attention by virtue of its lack of attractions or outlets. Sometimes a nice, quiet corner isn't the worst thing though.
Heading over to the courtyard outside Ricks Cafe and the area is looking particularly sharp after its rejuvenation last year.
Superman Escape's sign of the same on the other hand...
The upside is that you get to see this awesome themed 'Ride Closed' sign.