Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
Water park in Gold Coast, Australia. Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast is currently home to 16 rides and attractions.
Been here?
The course is 1.5km long.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy features over 50 obstacles.
The attraction utilises specially designed army spec buggy.
The purpose-built track covers a land area of 30,000 square metres.
Adult guests drive the buggies navigating the course, whilst kids also enjoy a true driving experience with the dual-control buggies assisted by a Wet'n'Wild Buggy instructor.
Wet'n'Wild provides all safety equipment and outfits for the riders to wear for the dirt, mud and water filled course.
The course is scattered with jumps to get airborne, water obstacles, crazy hills, tunnels and more.
Buggies get airborn on the 1.5km track.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy is an off-road driving experience at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy is an additional-cost activity at the Gold Coast water park.
Wet'n'Wild celebrate 30 years and the opening of Wet 'n' Wild Junior.
The concept was first seen at Wet'n'Wild's Sydney park.
Wet'n'Wild Junior offers smaller, kid-friendly versions of many of Wet'n'Wild's larger slides.
Wet'n'Wild Junior nears completion.
The area behind Buccaneer Bay.
Just like Sea World and Movie World, Wet 'n' Wild have shifted to offering the "Prime Burger" range. The result is that all 3 burger outlets across the park have an identical menu.
Free unlimited mix ins are included. Plenty of nice ones like skittles, choc biscuit pieces, and banana lollies....But also, breath mints???
Flavour include basics like vanilla and chocolate, as well as ones like mango, and wildberry.
You can get normal cups for your soft serve, but the most novel thing on offer is a beach bucket and spade,  yours to fill for $12 or so.