With many welcome improvements on 2017, Carnivale is starting to find its place at Sea World, alongside Movie World's Fright Nights and White Christmas.
No question Sea World is Australia's best looking theme park -- day or night.
Aquacolour Lightshow builds over 15 minutes to become a kaleidoscope of lights, lasers and water fountains.
Tron flyboarders make their way into the lake for Aquacolour's finale.
Aquacolour is the headline feature of Carnivale for 2018 and it's a great addition that makes superb use of Sea World's expansive ski lake.
Those that miss out on the main stadium can fill the hill around the side of the lake, which doesn't offer quite the same vantage points as the main seating.
The lake stadium fills quickly for Aquacolour Lightshow, so if you want a seat you should get there early. This unfortunately means you have to miss a lot of the entertainment and rides on offer to get a good spot.
The apple pie is the dessert you're going to want to save room for at Carnivale this year. It's served warm, freshly made in-house and it goes down a treat.
This bizarre creation is certainly one of the more interesting on offer.
The cherry pie is a faithful rendition of an American classic.
Desserts are an area that really shines at Carnivale this year. The key lime pie is great.
Po' boy... where ya been?
The offerings are a vibrant mix of modern foods like this pulled pork burger. It's far removed from the traditional theme park staples of hot dogs and hamburgers.
You're going to want plenty of napkins to get through the beef ribs.
Of course food is a major component of Carnivale, and many of the favourites are back for 2018.
Now that's a good sign...
Jet Rescue attracts a lengthy queue with only one train running.
Carnivale attracts a lot of families, so the kids' area is naturally packed.
Nickelodeon Land always looks great at night.
The CAR NIV ALE sign lights up the front of the plaza once again. Complete with last year's odd letter spacing.