WhiteWater World
Water park in Gold Coast, Australia. WhiteWater World is currently home to 14 rides and attractions.
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Unlike the other slide towers in the park, this one is painted steel rather than galvanised.
Fully 6 was to be the new attraction for 2020, opening in December 2019. The Covid 19 lockdown meant it has only seen around 3 months of operation so far.
As part of the repainting programme at the park, the previously bare concrete columns have been repainted red, and the translucent sections of slide have been repainted solid orange.
Queues fill the staircases at WhiteWater World.
There's even ticket booths open at WhiteWater World.
Current condition of the slide in March 2015.
Compare with an earlier photo taken from this same position and you can see how the shape of the funnels has changed.
After the 3rd funnel is a figure 8 turn.
Shortly after opening the three funnels on the slide were reprofiled into a more "squashed" shape.
Triple Vortex is the first major slide at WhiteWater World to break from the park's Aussie beach theme.
Triple Vortex is essentially a standard tube slide broken up by three mini-tornado elements.
The queue for tubes.
Triple Vortex takes two-person tubes.
The new slide features a bizarre maroon, orange and yellow colour scheme.