WhiteWater World
Water park in Gold Coast, Australia. WhiteWater World is currently home to 13 rides and attractions.
Been here?
The shade structures that used to sit atop Speedcoaster and Twister. This photo was taken after their deconstruction, to make way for  AquaLoop.
On the way out of the Dreamworld & Whitewater World car park, guests can spot this humorous tribute to the Spice Girls.
The slide was built by Canadian manufacturer Proslide, as seen on the label.
The Wedgie wraps underneath Super Tubes Hydrocoaster.
Despite the parks best efforts, the splashing isn't quite contained properly.
Looking down the runout chute.
The helix is quite intense!
If the ride is going to do what it says on the tin, this is where it happens.
Here you can see the "SkyBox" launch chamber, which contains a trap door that releases guests into the slide. The park has also installed a window, so you can see people dropping in to the slide.
The slide is quite simple, but at the same time quite thrilling (And at times intimidating)
The main eatery in the park sells Eagle Boys pizza.
The Shell contains a thoughtful feature, a soft play area with a ball pit for the little ones.
The Shell is Whitewater World's function centre.
Wet 'n' Wild has Domino's, and now Whitewater World has Eagle Boys.
The Cave of Waves features a generous amount of shaded seating on the deck areaa around it.
The ride opened at Easter in 2010.
Signage at the ride entrance.