After a bit of waiting he/she finally popped up.
Where's that eastern quoll?
The collection of smaller exhibits near the entrance to the area.
Eclectus parrots are housed in the smaller cages near the start of the Wildlife Trail.
The Tasmanian Devil enclosure, sadly we couldn't spot one.
You can really appreciate how their feathers blend in with the bush landscape.
Underneath the aviary is a walkway through a fernery to the emu pen.
Wildlife Trail Aviary at Gumbuya World.
Plenty of native birds on display.
...Or hang upside down from the roof.
Lets all sit on this tube instead of the trees....
Both flightless and flying birds are on display, with relevant habitats for each.
The aviary contains a horseshoe loop of boardwalk.
Eventually the Koala boardwalk enters the aviary.
...So good luck getting one to face the camera!