Onboard the driver-less monorail.
Resort Gateway station, which is the main interchange point with the Japan Rail network.
This blue globe marks the entry to Disneysea.
The ticket booths and park entry.
Crowds waiting outside the ticket gates at 7:00 am in the morning.
A rolled piece of teriyaki chicken.
Black pepper popcorn.
Gyoza Dogs are essentially a giant long steamed pork gyoza.
Tiger buns are a steamed bun filled with curried chicken.
Green alien mochi balls, containing strawberry, chocolate and custard cream.
Mickey soap dispensers can be found in the toilets.
From American Waterfront to Mysterious Island.
Along the Lost Delta, towards the new Fantasy Springs land under construction.
From the slopes of Mt Prometheus towards the American Waterfront.
Towards the Lost Delta.
From the Arabian Coast to Mermaid Lagoon.
Looking across Mediterranean Harbour.
Weathered Facades.
An impromptu performance with a cast member drumming on a wheelie bin.