Aqualoop Fast Track entrance.
Riders on Aqualoop are now required to wear "aquapacks". They're made of foam, with hard plastic on the side that touches the side. Aparently they reduce the amount of times people stall out at the bottom of the slide, and protect your back from the slide suface.
Notably, the smaller "AquaDrop" slide has been totally removed!
Did this ever operate?
Aqualoop opened over 2 years ago, but has undergone a few changes recently.
You can see how Constrictor stands out in the skyline at the Southern end of the park.

And AquaLoop is currently down for annual maintenance... a few short months after opening.

The old slab where the Speedcoaster splashdown was has been turned into a viewing area.
Here you can see how transparent the slides are.
AquaDrop seemed dormant though.
Since we were at the park last, AquaLoop has opened, and it seems a hit.
This gives you an impression of the overall scale of the attraction....I can't be the only one who will quietly enjoy the  'sky box' view of the Super 8 Aqua Racer whilst on the stairs, lining up for the Aqualoop.
The blue slide looks like it will offer the most translucent experience.
A brightly coloured shade strucutre has turned up at the top of the tower.
Obligatory 'loop' shot.