Guests can also pose with a Chevrolet Camaro...Bumblebees vehicular disguise form.
Outside the attraction guests can pose with Evac in his robotic, non vehicular form.
It sells everything an 8 year old could possibly want.
The exit of the ride sends you out via the 'Transformers Supply Vault' gift shop.
The ride takes place in this building. Like most buildings at the park it has a vegitated "green" roof for environmental reasons.
Another load of guests roll out in order to transport the allspark safely out of the city, but the Decepticons attack and what follows is an action packed ride as the good and bad transformers do battle.
Guests ride in a vehicle themed to be "Evac", an Autobot capable of carrying humans and sensitive payloads. Through the ride the vehicle is able to tilt, spin and shake as it travels along the track, adding a whole extra range of movement compared to most dark rides.

During the ride you pass through real life built scenes, as well as in front of 3D projected screens. The two are built together seamlessly, and real life effects and action blurs into the 3D animated scenes.

Accordingly, guests wear 3D glasses whilst riding to enjoy the action.

There are plenty of control panels and wall boxes with switches guests can meddle with as they queue.
Guests play the role of recruits, and must help in a mission to transport the allspark to a safer location.
The arm of a Decepticon, recovered from a past battle and kept for analysis.
Various screens throughout the queue inform guests that the Decepticons are carrying out an assult on this base and are trying to steal the allspark.
This tube contains the "allspark", a shard of material capable of bringing machines to life with its touch. The Autobots and NEST work to stop it falling into the hands of the Decepticons.
Some stones with "Cyberglyphic" carvings kept under NESTs preservation.
The queue enters a quite well done military base themed environment, with concrete, conduits and control panels as far as the eye can see.
NEST is a partnership between the US & UK militaries, and the good Autobot robots, united to protect and fight against the evil Deceptcion robots.
Guests enter the NEST base (NEST = Networked Elements: Supporters & Transformers)
There's 3 options when queuing for this one, but the Express and Single Rider queues skip some of more detailed themed scenes seen in this gallery.
Bumblebee stands proudly over the entrance to Transfomers The Ride, the newest attraction at the time of this visit.