The cub will soon be on public display once she has adjusted to her new surrounds.
The yet-unnamed cub explores 'Cub Kindy' under the watch of mother Liya.
The purpose built exhibit was an addition to Sea World's Polar Bear Shores in 2013 when the park welcomed their first newborn polar bear, Henry.
The cub was one of two twins born on 26 April, 2017. The other passed away shortly after birth as is common in the wild.
The new polar bear cub at Sea World takes her first steps in the custom built enclosure at Polar Bear Shores.
Naptime at Polar Bear Shores.
Nana nana naa naa...
And to finish off this Parkz Update, we present bears.
The good news is that the Polar Bear Shores retail outlet is now open...
... the bad news is that you just can't get inside to shop.
For most of our visit Henry attempted to balance on a life ring.
To the parks credit only a limited number of guests are let into the exhibit at a time, so everybody gets a front row view.
...And Mum Liya isn't far away.
But what's that sticking it's head out of the water?
We assume the jokr here is that a stuffed polar bear on a leash is considered essential.
Just because it's open, doesn't mean you'll see much. At this early stage of the bear's life it's a bit of a gamble as to whether you'll get to see anything at all.