You pass more theming on the way towards the loading area.
Yes, it's as narrow as it looks.

The general gist of the story is that a man was killed in this sawmill, its somewhat haunted.....And you are riding a coaster as a result?

Anyway, bits and pieces of sawmill theming are caged off with these signs upon them.

Normally the screens in the queue show burning timber, but we got this instead.
Those lights are pierced paint tins.
The first bit of sheltered queue is a set of switchbacks. Curiously, the luminares hanging from the ceiling are dummies, but the lights along the side are real.
Here is the view as you approach the ride building.
Evidently we aren't meant to go in.
Wish I could take a buzzsaw to that tree in the background. The thing just ruins the constrast of this photo!
Now that the ride has settled in, and the queues have diminshed, lets have a look through Buzzsaw's queue theming.

If you've read the backstory on the Dreamworld website you'd know Jack Darke is a central character in the Buzzsaw backstory.

But nobody did, so to everyone else, Jack is just a lazy bloke who couldn't be bothered opening his drink stand today.

Lets head into Goldrush. You'll note that the sign has been updated with 3 new rusty saws to reflect the new attraction within.
Buzzsaw is the first Maurer Sohne coaster in Australia.
A look at the ride's wheel assembly. Of note is that the wheels are fixed rather than spring-loaded as on many modern coasters. The spine down the centre of the car is the brake fin for the friction brakes. Maurer Sohne use a box-style brake style similar to B&M whereas most friction brakes use thin fins of metal down the centre of the car.
Buzzsaw is a zippy ride; there's not really any moments where it loses its fast pace.
Following the lift hill it's straight into an overhang for a 360º barrel roll -- starting 45 metres above the ground.
The lift hill is quite quick; there's not a lot of time to admire the view as you rocket skyward.
With a vertical lift hill and angled back seating, riders feel their weight shift back, with the harness as the only thing holding them in..