Cheetah Hunt features three magnetic launches.
Busch Gardens have an uncanny ability to make behemoth steel roller coasters fit in with the African savannah aesthetics of the theme park.
The ride features several magnetic, linear syncrohonous (LSM) launches that reach speeds over over 97km/hr.
Cheetah Hunt is an Intamin launched that sprawls over a 1,350m course.
We'll finish off with one last shot of the Figure 8.
The area has some nice North African influences.
Looks like someone has had a big day.
Along with Cheetah Hunt is Cheetah Run, where guests can see live Cheetahs.
A few more twisting hops leads the train towards the end.
From the slalom, a 3rd launch pushes trains over an airtime hill and gives them the momentum they need to make it to the end of the ride.
The Rhino Rally attraction used to send 4x4s on floating barges down this river section. The river section proved to be both unreliable and unthrilling over its lifespan, so the river has been given over to Cheetah Hunt for a high speed slalom centimeters from the waters surface.
The heartline roll and mid course brakes from another angle.
The next element is a heartline roll...straight into a set of brakes...Oops.
From the trench dive you curve up again.