SpongeBob ParadePants

Former show at Sea World.
Seen this?
Overall a very solid production. The songs are a bit of a highlight and help make the show entertaining for adults (Particularly "Barnacles", a song about swearing!)
The floats return for one last pass.
The boats make another appearance whilst the parade is doing the turnaround.
The parade is able to roll out again, and runs out of the arena and loops around on the path in front of Penguin Encounter.
It is difficult to capture in photos, but all floats have plenty of detailed moving parts to spot, right down to individually moving tentacles on the jellyfish.
Thankfully a solution is in sight. Patrick and Spongebob turn up on a couple of Jellyfish, which they use to jump start the parade again.
And frustration continues that the parade is still held up by Mrs Puffs damaged float at the front.
This parade isn't high culture according to Squidward.
Spongebob, Sandy & Patrick convince Plankton that having fun is better than being evil.
Patrick, being a starfish, doesn't have a brain of course, so is unaffected by hypnosis. He is able to switch off Planktons float and cause all the rest to "snap out of it ".
Plankton attempts (sucessfully) to hypnotise everyone with a song in order to carry out his plan.
The evil Plankton soon shows up. This could be his chance to steal a Krabby Patty for its secret recipie.
Seeing the crowd, Mr Krabs realises the hold up is a buisness opportunity to sell his Krabby Patty burgers to the crowd. Cue the giant note flags.
Mr Krabs is caught up in the delay.
Spongebobs careless boating manages to bring the parade to a standstill. Sandy is not impressed.