There's also the addition of props like the paddleboard.
There is also the addition of a handful of new behaviours that haven't previously been a part of the show.
Many of the stunts and behaviours performed in the show are unchanged.
The retooled show features a new, light script that does little to actually justify its name – short of repeating the word affinity ad nauseum throughout – and takes away almost all of the content that actually allows guests to leave enlightened about dolphins or the importance of the research and rescue work that Sea World does.
The colours on the logo at Affinity seem a bit off. Maybe in a few years once the fading sets in it'll be on-brand?
The shacks are spread throughout the wider Dolphin Beach area.
The most obvious change is the addition of colourful beach shacks, that somewhat betrays the previous tranquil tropical setting. The rocky surroundings have also received a long overdue cleaning.
Affinity is the latest incarnation of Sea World's dolphin show and best described as a retooling of the previous Imagine show.