Creatures of the Deep

Former exhibit at Sea World.
Seen this?
The Rescue Point Lighthouse once stood at the end of this walkway. We can see the appeal in putting this ride in a central location, but at the same time it was a missed opportunity to not instead inject some energy into the rather lifeless Jet Rescue area.
Fun Fish Fact: ventral rust is the leading cause of illness for fibreglass whale sharks.
The Sea Serpent in all his punk glory.
Leviathan is a dragon-like mythical creature.
Giant squid v. sperm whale.
While blue whales are known to be intelligent creatures, this guy looks like he's a few krill short of a meal.
The attraction has a very bold entrance between the Kraken and its wrecked ship.
Either a very obvious support beam, or a questionable homage to the nearby Tangalooma whaling station that decimated humpback populations in the 1950s and 60s.
The megalodon is a prehistoric shark known for its gigantic size and apparent lifeless, plastic appearance.
The exhibit doesn't limit itself to sea creatures with this prehistoric crocodile making an appearance.
The kronosaurus's claim to fame is that it was a Queensland discovery.
The new area has a very surreal feel to it.
Snaking through the garden bed disguised as a seabed.
Blue bark and some aquatic looking plants blended in with artificial plants complete the effect.
With its overall fact-based approach, it's odd that Sea World would ask a question like what do you believe? of a clearly fictitious creature, as if belief plays some role in the existence of such animals.
Much better that the bitumen paving that was hastily installed for Dinosaur Island.
The newly paved parts of Creatures of the Deep look great.
In a few months' time the new children's area will connect here.
The end of the attraction also features some walls that do their best to hide some of the Dockside Tavern's back-of-house area.
Combined with the animatronic motions, the mist really adds to the effect with some of these.