The ride is due back in action on December 9.
Boats stacked in the deserted station.
Wild West Falls is looking very tranquil. Not wild, or fallsy at all. Pretty western though.
Though there's little to see or do here with Wild West Falls still closed for an extended maintenance period.
The western area is open once again.
Wild West Falls splashing down.
With the Wild West Falls refurbishment comes the reopening of the Wild West Roadhouse, sporting a newly refreshed menu.
The area is a hive of activity ahead of its September 18 reopening.
Plenty of cleanup work remains ahead of Wild West Falls' scheduled September 19 reopening.
The area is looking very ghost townish.
The Wild West Falls refurbishment is also housing a lot of cladding and materials for Fright Night mazes.
Fright nights are barely five weeks away, so work is well underway.
Sixteen years on, the ride's once bold Bryce Canyon (via Disneyland) inspired rock formations have taken on a somewhat grimier appearance.
And just to wash away some of the bad taste of Hollywood Stunt Driver 2, here's a look at what Movie World can do when they try.
It's unusual however to have the area roped off. Normally the entire area remains open while Wild West Falls maintenance takes place.
With it looking like a hot, dry summer is on the cards, making sure that Wild West Falls runs smoothly is surely a priority.
The Wild West section of Movie World is quite the ghost town with Wild West Falls currently down for maintenance.

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