A new parade to celebrate the park's 20th anniversay is now running, complete with a cake. 

The new track isn't quite as noticeable as the new scream sheild on the left side of the track.
Over at Wild West Falls we see the ride back in action after  its final drop was replaced.
Thought it tends to attract more spectators than riders.
Wild West Falls might not be the most popular ride this time of year.

Just when you thought Wild West Falls couldn't get drier, we spot this addition to the area.

Dry down the bottom too...

No Wild West Falls isn\'t closed. The main chute\'s water pump justĀ appears to be out of action.
No Wild West Falls isn't closed. The main chute's water pump just appears to be out of action.

Some new gravestones have appeared in the graveyard. The old animatronic ones don't appear to be functional anymore.

Wild West Falls viewing area railing is being taken out and replaced with a far less Western-feeling pool fence.

The scenery of Yosemite Sam's Railroad seems to continue into the distance too, with Wild West Falls in the background.

After this its splashdown!

View from the front of Wild West Falls.
A gentle trip back to the station is all that remains.
The boats reach a speed of 70km/hr on the final drop, and quickly stop with a surge of water.
Sit up the front if you're after a good soaking.
The half enclosed drop provides a "handchopper" effect for riders on the left side. This shield is here to keep screams down for nearby residents.
The mountain containing the ride is very Disneyland Big Thunder Railroad-esque.
The ride's surroundings create a very authentic wild west atmosphere.