Already the roller coaster is an impressive site as it towers over the front of Warner Bros. Movie World. And this is only a fraction of the height it will reach.
Track is in place leading out of the Stengel Dive.
The large curve up into the Stengel Dive.
All that remains is the top of the Stengel Dive, which will feature an overbanked crest.
Staircases that will be positioned alongside the lift hill have appeared.
The first sections of track are now in place.
The newly changed to Movie World sees cars diverted around the construction site that dominates the front of the park.
It's a style of track that's unique to Mack Rides.
These spines are simply two of the standard spine with steel plates welded over the gap to stiffen them up.
A couple of relatively straight curved track with double spines.
So far we have lots of twisted track.
More crates have appeared. Presumably these contain bolts for assembling columns, connecting track and other hardware needed during this stage of construction.
The numbers on these twin-spine sections of track (67 and 68) suggests that they will be located a bit after the section of track currently in place. The twisted section to the far right is lucky number 100 -- further towards the end of the roller coaster.
Track is now trickling in at a steady rate.
These straight sections feature side brackets that will likely support a catwalk along the ride's final brake run. There are also mounting brackets for fixed magnetic brakes on the top of the right section of track. The left section meanwhile has an indent that will likely create room for friction brakes. The right section is 128, giving a rough idea of the total number of pieces required given that these will be located at the very end of the ride.
Some crazy twisted sections of track have appeared.
It's not just supports that require some touch-up paint work. Primer has appeared on many pieces of track as well.
The odd angle of this column and its mounting plate suggests a fast banked turn.
Foundations are cleaned up ready for the installation of columns.
Some of the paint on the support columns has been scuffed during transport or construction. Primer has been applied so that they can be repainted later in the construction process.