The maintenance stairs down to the pit beneath the ride have been themed as subway stairs, complete with the grime.
It's the first adult flat ride to be built at Movie World.
Doomsday Destroyer is the centerpiece of Super-Villains Unleashed.
There's little doubt that this is the best ride signage in Australia.
The incredible photogenic ride signage is a testament to the detail and quality of theming of the area.
Doomsday towers over the area on his namesake ride.
The overflow queue sits beyond the shade of the elevated railway.
At Metron Motors guests scan their RFID band and use motion capture to smash up an expensive display car, guided by Sinestro and Parallax using the yellow power of fear.
This side of the precinct feels like a more industrial part of the city.
This bold signage over the ride entrance is perhaps one of the best pieces of theming at Movie World.
Oh, and Doomsday Destroyer is up and running again.
Yep, after months of frustration at watching crews work on it, it's finally happened. That's right, the gate is open! No more obnoxious "you must walk through our shop so you can be tempted by some of our wares on your way"...
You can join the Joker and Harley Quinn to destroy the a bank. The pair have extensive banter dialogue between them.
The ride's harnesses are very comfortable.
Poison Ivy is essentially an eco terrorist.
Poison Ivy is one of the most detailed models in the area, with snapping, spitting Venus flytraps.
Gorilla Grodd is a villain from the Flash universe.