At night the queue and station takes on an eerie glow befitting its asylum theme.
Evening only adds to the sinister theme of Arkham Asylum at night.
Another vintage shot of the old junkyard part of the queue.
The ramp up to the load station passed through this junkyard.
Entrance to the Lethal Weapon cinema pre-show.
Arkham Asylum's original Chinatown theme entrance as Lethal Weapon.
Arkham Asylum is back up and running... but Batman doesn't look to happy about it.
Arkham Asylum, the target a lot of media scrutiny as of late.
The upside is that you get to see this awesome themed 'Ride Closed' sign.
Meanwhile Arkham Asylum is less operational as of late as a result of an incident where riders had to be safely evacuated.
New theming elements in place on Arkham Asylum ahead of the addition of its VR system.
The booth where guests collect VR has been themed to match the rest of Arkham Asylum.
Work is underway on the additional infrastructure required for Arkham Asylum's virtual reality system.
The highlight of the Star Tours for many is the 178 step climb to the 32m peak of Arkham Asylum.
The coaster's lift hill late afternoon.
The defaced Quincy Sharp ("Conform and Comply") mural has been scrubbed.
Something is missing from this wall....
A vandalised cop car leeching smoke has been in the courtyard for a little while too.
Some new signage ensures people don't miss the entrance.