The drive system appears to be completely re-engineered compared to previous models.
A new paved area has been opened with the ride, with good views of the surrounding thrills. Fun Fact: Adventure World is the only major amusement park in Australia that retains a chairlift or skyride.
The entry banner.
More hidden messages. If anyone has translated these, feel free to contact us!
A riderless Goliath undergoes testing ahead of its debut.
More of the hidden codes in the queue line, along with fans to help keep guest cool.
The safety sign for Goliath...They're not complete savages at least.
A height limit of 120cm means adventurous kids as young as 7 can ride.
The ride is the latest in a series of solid, guest friendly additions at the Perth based park. You can go wrong building good rides.
The ride experience is as you'd expect, offering alternation between positive Gs and floating airtime, with an ever changing view from the rotation.
These make for impressive spectator rides.
The timber look decking on the dropping floor in the loading area looks great too.
The animal skin on the control booth is an interesting touch.
Like most Adventure World thrill rides, they've stuck with the theme of beasts and demons.
There's a whole bunch of ancient characters to decode for those who want to invest the energy.
Australia is somewhat unique in terms of doing some pretty elaborate theming on the structures of flat rides, and Goliath is no exception.
What sets this one apart is lap bar restraints that offer a greater feeling of freedom to the OTSRs used on the Claw at Dreamworld.
Goliath is the 2nd Intamin Gyro Swing to be built in Australia.