It wouldn't be a closed cable ride without support poles reminding you of its existence.
A rare sight, with the skyway running in groups of 3 gondolas rather than the usual 4.
... or this one. Seems lonely.
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Block brakes allow multiple vehicles to safely operate on the track at a time under the basic principal of one vehicle per block.
Storm Coaster towers over the once-impressive Sky High Skyway.
With Skyway's recent return to operation they have added a simple but classy logo at the stations. It's these touches that most probably won't even notice that go towards creating a quality theme park experience.
The sight of the gondolas floating past through the park is definitely a piece of that old Sea World charm that has been missing for quite some time now.

And against all odds the Skyway is back in action at Sea World.

Sea World's unique Sky High Skyway has been closed for some time for unknown reasons.

A look over the Endeavour replica and the main entrance to Sea World.

The Dockside Tavern. Taken 1983.