Current water ride at Bayern Park.
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Thaolon on the left, Wildwasser Rafting on the right.
An overview of the lower section of Wildwasser-Rafting
Wildwasser Rafting, the Thaolon tower rideand the Freischutz launch coaster.
Slowly drifting back to the station.
Nearing the end of the "slide".
The fun part comes on this water slide style section, with boats spinning their way down the steel trough.
A long conveyor takes you to the top.
Eventually you pass under the lift, loop around and join the conveyor belt.
Upon leaving the station are a few turns along this flume section, though there are minimal rapids.
More of the station theming.
Check out this solution for loose items. The load and unload points are at the opposite ends of the platform, so you just deposit your bags at one end. The conveyor is timed to shunt items to the unload end roughly in time with when you arrive back.
The queue and station.
Wildwasser-Rafting is a unique rapids ride combining a water slide style section with a more conventional rapids section at the bottom.