If you're savvy enough to find this hidden corner of Tiger Island, you're rewarded with an uninterrupted viewing of the adorable new cubs.
It's tucked way over in the corner, and like last year's Tiger Island additions, completely ignores the intricately themed surrounds for a structure that could be described as functional.
A new nursery has been built for housing the latest tiger cubs, over at the Lair/Rock Habitat area.
Some lush green grass and shade also does the trick.
Standing motionless in a swimming pool is not to be underestimated at this time of year.
The stadium at Tiger Island is full half an hour before the show.
Elswhere though, summer crowds fill the park.
Meanwhile rotate 180 degrees and it's arguably the most pleasantly themed attraction on the Gold Coast.
It's just a shame that the enclosure couldn't look more like a miserable cage if they tried.
The up-close encounters with Sumatran tigers in the newest addition are a highlight of Tiger Island.
You can go face-to-face with a tiger, which is very cool.
The tree trunks do a pretty poor job of sprucing up this ugly, low-budget addition to Tiger Island.
Of course, having areas like the old "Lair" section sitting there empty doesn't help a park that's already utterly devoid of atmosphere.
The attention to detail is a remarkable contrast to the rest of Dreamworld.
It's no stretch to say that Tiger Island is the park's most pleasant area.
Zookeepers on hand.
We do wish more had been done to soften the appearance overall though.
Exit of the tunnel. Almost looks like water slide parts were used.
There is even a crawl tunnel with viewing windows for children and limber adults