Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler

Former water ride at Dreamworld.
Ridden this?
The vessel now is moored permanently at the dock near the sheep shearing show. It wasn't open to poke around on our visit though.
And without a boat to stir up the water each day it's now quite green.
One of the sadder bit of news in recent times for the fans of nostalgic  Dreamworld attractions is that the Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler will no longer ply the waters of the Murrasissippi River.
The Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler is one of the park's original attractions.
The paddle wheel, that on traditional paddle wheelers would propel the boat.
Passing the Billabong BBQ & Buffet.
This element was removed in around 2000. Now guests are entertained with classic Australian tunes.
Originally Captain Sturt had a key show component, consisting of a stunt show and storyline that idealised Australian bush rangers.
Though originally it was a round trip, a mid-point stop was added where guests can disembark at Farmyard Friends, Dreamworld's animal nursery/petting zoo.
The boat's path is controlled by a rail submerged beneath the surface.
The boat departs from Rivertown at set times throughout the day for a gentle cruise through the purpose-built river at Dreamworld.