Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Current Attraction at Disneyland.
Experienced this?
Looking out over Black Spire outpost on the planet Batuu.
The Millennium Falcon is one awe inspiring scene at Disneyland.
We wonder if there are any plans for this entrance.
At the end of your mission you are given a score. If you return the ship in a damaged condition, this is deducted from your cut.
The ride uses some mega computing power, with highly realistic scenes rendered on the fly.
A short briefing explains your roles. 2 pilots fly the craft, one controlling left and right movement, the other controlling up and down. 2 gunners shoot, with the option to set automatic or manual targeting at the start of the ride. 2 engineers monitor the ships condition and hit buttons to do repairs. They also deploy the harpoon to steal the shipment of minerals at a key moment.
Eventually your group is led off down a hallway.
It could take several rides to spot every detail.
Yep, you can sit down at the holo chess board if you want too, great as a photo op!
Multiple groups are accomodated in the lounge, so you have a few minutes to freely explore and take it all in until your colour is called.
Guests are assigned a position (Engineer, Pilot or Gunner) in colour coded groups.
Finally, you are led into the Millennium Falcon itself.
The Millennium Falcon, previously seen out front flies in remotely to the indoor hangar, and with that you are sent down the jetways.
Hondo Ohnaka appears (A hyper realistic animatronic) and tells you of your mission. You help pilot the Millennium Falcon to help steal a shipment of a rare mineral, and in return get a cut of the profits.