Speaking of photos, the Jet Rescue shop has been gutted with Fast Photo kiosks and more lockers replacing it. Ride lockers are now free like at Movie World.
Curiously on a busy night during the peak of summer they made the decision to only run one train on Jet Rescue.
Sea World are running a small fountain in the pool on Jet Rescue to minimise plant and algae growth. Take note, Dreamworld.
One of the great things about this time of year at Sea World is that you can basically have the rides to yourself, particularly while shows are on.
Jet Rescue is one of those rides that doesn't seem to get much recognition despite being one of Australia's best rides.
The coaster is looking as good as new following the work.
Jet Rescue is back up and running after a complete repaint.
Track work is well underway on the first week of six weeks of maintenance. Jet Rescue is schedule to reopen March 16.
Jet Rescue is down for extended an maintenance period.
With the recent water cleanup at Dreamworld, the title for most-disgusting Gold Coast theme park water goes to Sea World's Jet Rescue!
Work on Storm Coaster has shifted from track and site works to checking the rides' systems and putting finishing touches on the theming.
Looking over the construction site from the monorail, the gentle sweeping turns of Storm Coaster look a lot less twisted.
A shout out goes to the Jet Rescue crew working on our visit. Despite light queues things kept moving quickly.
Recently, Movie World upped the price of ride locker rentals to $2, but Jet Rescue remains at $1.
And when Jet Rescue breaks down, that leaves Viking's Revenue.
Jet Rescue is currently the only thrill ride at Sea World. Or one of two if you count the mild Viking's Revenge Log Ride.
In its last maintenance period Jet Rescue was repainted.
Jet Rescue is due for maintenance soon. You can see just what that G-force turn causes the wheels to do the paintwork.
Part of the fun of paying to store your loose items while riding Jet Rescue is finding a locker that work.