The Great Nor'Easter

Current roller coaster at Morey's Piers.
Ridden this?
What makes it great is just how close you get to the Great Nor'Easter, coming right up close to the top of the 3rd inversion.
The ride is based around the original SLC layout, but features a heavily modified support structure and re positioned station.
The ride also features a double inline twist.
Another look at the roll over.
The 'roll over' double inversion comes first..
The sweeping first drop.
Heading up the lift hill.
The ride has a strict no loose items policy, enforced by a metal detector. Locker rentals are free and straightforward though, you simply scan your ride wristband.
Queue lines in the middle of the helix.
It runs the latest trains from Vekoma. Coupled with some track improvements, it promises a much smoother ride.
The station of Great Nor'Easter.
The Riptide Rapids slides are also built around Great Nor' Easter.
The coaster and the flume ride are built over and under each other.
Great Nor'Easter is Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster.