The Claw is back up and running for its 2020 maintenance period, ready for the Christmas holidays.
Another reliable favourite of Ocean Parade high above the pandanus trees.
Looking down Main Street to the hive of activity at Ocean Parade.
A decent queue for Dreamworld's perennially popular The Claw.
Happiness isn't even the park's slogan anymore, let alone a vaguely accurate representation of this sad, dilapidated theme park.
The Claw operates with a small handful of riders.
The Claw reopens and fills Ocean Parade with some sorely missing screams.
The Claw is typically the first ride you see as you head towards Ocean Parade. Sitting stationary in this usually vibrant section of Dreamworld is quite a desolate sight.
This bold red and grey gives a good indication of The Claw's new colour scheme. It definitely fits Ocean Beach's new emphasis on bold contrasting colours that started with Wipeout.
The ride is also receiving a close observation area similar to Wipeout, squeezed into the ride's landscaping.
The remaining two tower legs have been scuff sanded. This gives the new coat of paint a better surface to stick to.
The faded paint won't be missed.
The paint job is being done outside of park hours which means the ride continued to operate during the transition.
It's safe to say that this grey colour will be a base colour for the ride, with further artistry to come shortly.
The Claw is receiving a much-needed paint job.
At this stage about half of the ride tower has been painted a dull grey colour.
Between The Claw, the newly revamped Wipeout, Shockwave and with Tail Spin on its way, Ocean Parade is a world-class collection of thrill rides.
The original yellow painted pathways that were built alongside The Claw were well and truly in need of some TLC. Here they've been replaced -- or simply removed altogether.
The top of the tower and motor housing has been repainted, really highlighting the faded paint.