Murals in the 2nd preshow room.
The ride is a flying theatre, with rows of seats gently tilted in front of a dome shaped screen, on an aerial tour of the sights of the world. Not just a big dark room, the room is themed as if you are taking off from the terrace of the museum.
A 2nd preshow gives the safety instructions. Another triumph in technical trickery, the mural at the top of the wall at the end of the room comes to life in animation.
A corridor leads to a sorting area where guests are allocated seats on one of three rows in the ride vehicle.
The preshow is one of the most special and unique things about this version of the ride, featuring paintings that seemingly magically come to life with depth, and elaborate projection mapping.
References to flight across cultures.
It's more of an art museum about flight rather than a science museum.
Eventually you make it out into a dome, where the fastpass riders are merged in.
The museum map helpfully gives you a sense of the layout of the ride.
Visitors book and pen holder.
Again, no shortage of detail in this park.
The museum through the seasons.
We finally enter Il Museo Del Volo Fantastico.
The Montgolfier brothers were the first to achieve piloted heavier than air flight.
...With a bit of real history thrown in too.