Train entering the loop
Rush at full operating height.
An overall view of the ride.
After the set of four rolls, a gentle curve brings you around to the 5th barrel roll (Unseen, and unphotographable) bringing the inversion tally to ten.
The sensation is akin to being in a tumble dryer.
They just keep going and going.
After a u turn, you are thrown into the element that breaks the inversion record, a quadruple set of barrel rolls.

...And around a second corkscrew for good luck.

(As a side note, the EPA would probably have a heart attack at the sheer amount of oil this ride seems to splatter onto the track, nearby supports etc)

From the cobra roll you enter a corkscrew.
The ride has been sunk into the ground slightly at many points.
After the hill you go through a cobra roll.
After the loop you pass under a corkscrew, and over an airtime hill.
The first drop sends riders into the first element, a fairly large loop.
....And a sweeping drop sends them to the ground.
A 30m high lift hill brings trains to the top.
The nicley decorated station.

The entrance.

The ride is in the 'Lost City' area of the park, and is themed accordingly.