Welcome to Parque Espana - Shima Spain Village, celebrating 25 years.
The main entrance to Parque Espana - Shima Spain Village.
Looking back towards the turnstiles.
Characters greeting guests.
Looking back down Espana Avenue from Cibeles Plaza.
A small square to the side of Espana Avenue.
It's the first area you'll encounter upon entering the park, and contains a number of eateries and shops.
Espana Avenue is the 'main street' of the park.
Fiesta plaza attractions.
Cibeles plaza fountain featuring the statue of Cibeles.
On the hour, characters pop out from the windows.
At the end of Espana Avenue you pass into Cibeles Plaza.
Campana De Amor - Bell of Love.
There are plenty of Gaudi inspired mosaics.
You are free to wander around on the roof.
A large flat building dominates Fiesta Plaza.