It's one of the nicest looking flume rides out there.
The ride has a rather elaborate station building.
"The Swamp Counter"
Damp weather doesn't seem to deter anyone.
Menhir Express is flume ride themed to the transportation of large pointed stones.
After a dive into an underwater tunnel there is the first of two zero g rolls...followed by a helix.
Another overbank turn follows the Immelmann.
A trench and short tunnel increases the sense of speed at the bottom of the Immelmann.
The 2nd and 3rd inversions are a loop and an Immelmann.
A high speed overbanked turn after the dive loop.
The first inversion is a dive loop.
With no "pre drop" as seen on other B&M inverted coasters it's straight into a steeply curving drop.
The lift hill reaches a height of 35m.
The Egyptian themed OzIris is the flagship thrill coaster at Parc Asterix.
The final brake run. Trains come in backwards, and another track switch allows the trains to travel forwards out again, around a U turn, and re-enter the station.
"Live your odyssey with Pegase Express"
The bulk of the layout follows the main lift hill. It is a series of braided twists, turns and hills . Eventually the track heads up a second smaller lift hill into a the elevated temple seen in the distance on the left. Inside is a dead end. The track switches behind the train and it is launched into the 2nd part of the layout in reverse.
A drop leads towards the first lift hill.
The layout begins with a gentle launch from the station.