Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Zoo in Gold Coast, Australia. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is currently home to 28 rides and attractions.
Been here?
Visitors can sponsor pavers to support the efforts of the Hospital.
There are windows looking directly into the procedure rooms.
Displays educate the public on ways they can reduce harm to wildlife.
The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treats around 10,000 animals per year.
The park has a number of smaller aviaries you view from the outside.
Opposite ends of the reptilian scale.
It's hard not to clasp your hands over your hair at many points in the show.
The Blinky Bill licensing extends to a themed show at "Green Patch Stage".
The Free Flight Bird Show is one not to be missed.
Ghost Bat....Sounds like it could be a new TV show.
Small wildlife displays are integrated into the tree.