The main entrance to Hansa Park.
Hansa Park map.
Ample parking is available for drivers too, linked to the entrance via a footbridge.
Hansa Park is easily accessible via rail; a short walk from Sierksdorf station.
The members of the Hanseatic League were mostly cites concentrated around Northern Europe.
This boat sits at the end of the entry plaza.
The themed facades actually extend outside the gates.
It's a labour of love for the park, with new facades being progressively added.
The entrance plaza features a mix of facades that pay tribute to the cites in the Hanseatic League.
A flower clock with today's date greets visitors.
"Hanse in Europa" is the name given to the plaza just inside the park entry.
Our choice was a baked potato loaded with grilled chicken, salad and sour cream.
A large cafeteria with a good mix of food options is available.
The Hansa Park Holiday resort is at the back of the park, on the seafront, linked over the railway tracks via a pedestrian overpass.
Typical themed lamp posts.
A nod to Nessie with this topiary.
The front area of the park.
A small russian themed area extends around Fluch von Novgorod.
Another show stage in the old time funfair.
Alter Jahrmark....The old time funfair.