Rainbows End
Amusement park in Auckland, New Zealand. Rainbows End is currently home to 15 rides and attractions.
Been here?
One of several Zamperla flat rides at the park.
Kids driving school type attraction are a staple at many family theme parks. Rainbows End features a tidy looking version, undercover like all of their children's rides.
Invader features a spinning flying saucer like vehicle that is powered along a wavy track.
The queue features simple theming showing various forms of spacecraft that have been "tested" over the years. In a bit of Kiwi humour, the final one of course is an image of the ride itself, which remains "untested".
Like Pandamonium at Dreamworld, there are two queues, depending on whether you want to go upside down or not. The ride runs the relevant cycles depending on demand.
It's one of the more impressive flat rides at the park, though tends to spend a lot of the ride cycle merely building enough momentum to make it over the top. You'll get around three full loops before being braked to a stop.
The Surf N Swing.
Gold Rush begins with a series of turns in a "dark ride" type section before emerging into the daylight into a more coasterish section with turns and small drops over the Log Flume.
The old entrance to the park as it stood in 2014. It has since been completely demolished and replaced with something much more appealing.
A double corkscrew forms the final inversion.
The first drop and loop.
Corkscrew Coaster is an Arrow Dynamics "loopscrew" coaster, a standard design seen at many parks worldwide. Australians would be familiar with an identical ride which operated at Sea World until 2014.
The new park entrance by night.
Maxing out.
Stratosfear rotates 360 degrees, in two directions.