A new paved area has been opened with the ride, with good views of the surrounding thrills. Fun Fact: Adventure World is the only major amusement park in Australia that retains a chairlift or skyride.
This could have almost been a 4th inversion had it been overbanked just a touch more.
During launch there are some cool smoke effects.
Like the other thrill rides it is clustered with, it has a demonic spooky theme.
Like the other flat rides at Adventure World, Inferno has undergone a facelift, and was re-named from it's original title of Freefall.
Free Fall is a Huss Shot n Drop tower ride.
The limitation to this ride system is that the cables holding the gondola must always be kept in tension for safety reasons, so when the gondola is dropping, it is done at slightly slower than true freefall speed to ensure this.
The ride system is unique. A giant ram runs up the middle of the tower, with a pulley wheel on the end of the ram. Cables are attached to the gondola, loop up over the top of the tower and under the afformentioned pulley wheel. This means when the ram retracts the gondola is pulled up, and when the ram extends the ride car lowers down.
Overview of the ride platform.
The ride was also built in Germany, by the famous flat ride manufacturer Huss.
The ride is actually the highest capacity freefall ride in Australia, carrying 24 riders per cycle.
The ride had its orgins on the German funfair circuit, but now has a permanent home at Adventure World.
The ride runs a lengthy cycle, with guests launched upwards and freefalling down, as well as being lifted up slowly and released....Imagine it as a combination of Batwing Spaceshot at Movie World and the Giant Drop at Dreamworld.
Free Fall is a decent sized drop tower, placed upon a hill that overlooks the park.