A token look at the Dreamworld Cinema ahead of its transformation later this year.
The way they offer a peak into the park for queuing guests is a far more exciting way to start a day at a theme park than filing unceremoniously through the guest services building.
The foyer's bare minimum, Madagascar-inspired theming also won't be missed.
The cinema was given a modest overhaul when it was converted from IMAX in 2011, but gutting this worn down facility for the flying theatre will be no great loss.
Even the allure of air conditioning on a hot summer's day doesn't draw many in for the regular screenings of rather forgettable DreamWorks short films.
The relatively small cinema will be gutted for the new attraction.
The cinema towers above the park now that the mountain is gone.
The unusually timed announcement on December 27 of a new flying theatre from Brogent are the first solid information about the simulator attraction that had been earmarked for this location.
The cinema has become the focus of attention in recent days.
The removed ride exposes the back of the cinema building.
The cinema runs a wide variety of shows throughout the day.
Bobs Big Break 3D is currently showing in the Dreamworld Cinema, and is a spin off of the 2009 Dreamworks film, Monsters versus Aliens.
Imax is closed, for conversion to Spongebob Squarepants 3D.

And finally, the authentic rustic theming seems to lie somewhere it shouldn't be -- on the wall of the Imax Theatre.

The Dreamworld Imax Theatre, as seen from the park's main entry.