The park is packed with guests, even in distant corners like the Vintage Cars.
Oh wait, adventure! There's some koalas unceremoniously placed in the middle of the area! Surrounded by a chainlink fence with sheet metal paneling that stops koalas climbing out... and does its best to block your view as you drive past. It's a cheap and incredibly tacky attempt to inject some atmosphere into an attraction utterly devoid of it. Swing and a miss, Dreamworld.
"Adventure" has been added to the name, presumably as part of Dreamworld's apparent commitment to offering unique experiences.
The cars themselves have been given a lot of TLC and look great. The ugly canopies have been removed as well, returning the cars to a more vintage state.
The Vintage Cars have reopened.
The Vintage Cars were quietly shuttered at the back of the park.
This attraction is open for your enjoyment 70 per cent of the time.
The Vintage Cars were relocated because their former home is the new home for Dreamworld's latest roller coaster.
A look at the lake in Oaky Creek that the new area fronts onto. Along the left bank is Australian Wildlife Experience and the Log Ride further down. The relocation opens up a whole new area around the lake for potential expansion.
Unfortunately the new area, though peaceful, lacks any character or charm as with the ride's original location.
By simply building a new concrete roadway and reusing the steel guide rails, the ride's relocation was very simple.
The new area is found by the Australian Wildlife Experience at the back of the park. To get to the new location patrons cross Oaky Creek that crosses Dreamworld's land.
Almost a staple at classic theme parks, on this ride guests can "drive" their own replica Model T fords on a meandering track.
Each car takes up to four people.
The track takes you up a hill around the Dreamworld Tower, where Giant Drop and Tower of Terror are found.
Roofs were added to each car in more recent years to provide protection from the sun.
Guests keep their foot on the accelerator to keep the engine going. A steel rail along the centre of the track guides the cars.
The gentle journey starts at Rivertown and takes you around to Rocky Hollow.