Much of the show equipment is well hidden, opening up or rising into place only when needed.
Goofy tries to conduct the fountains, but fails miserably, with humorous results.
During the day a shorter show takes place featuring Goofy.
The show cost $75 million to implement.
The glowing dots seen in the audience on the right are "glow with the show" mickey ears, which light up in time with the action.
The "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequence.
There's also a water screen with animated sequences from well loved Disney films.
World of Color is the flagship night time show of Disney Calfornia Adventure, featuring hundreds of fountains, along with lights, music and fire effects.
There is a new boat ride in the Bay, unfortunately you must be THIS tall and a trained fountain technician to ride.
Contrary to many a popular belief this is not track for the new boat ride coming to the bay. It's 1000s of cables to support the new groundbreaking technology in use on the show.

What is now an aircraft carrier floating in a pond will soon be a hidden part of the awesomeness and magic that is Disney... 

By now this mess of construction is all but set to give way to the new Night Time Spectacular and remodeled Silly Symphony Swings attraction.