It is pleasing to see such a full car park at Dreamworld.
With Buzzsaw closed, there's really nothing to see in this sad corner of the park.
Buzzsaw reopens. Its station has been slightly reconfigured in light of findings from the Qld Government's theme park safety blitz.
The ride – second tallest structure after the Dreamworld Tower – stares down over the freshly reopened theme park.
Buzzsaw sits with hefty chains holding its foreboding gates closed.
Buzzsaw remains very obviously closed.
The ride entry gates locked for maintenance.
The way down.
Here we have a ride themed to a long-abandoned, haunted building full of scary machinery, and Dreamworld's most recent thrill ride, Buzzsaw.
The stations is well themed with a spinning saw on the car park side.
The track towers over 40m above the station below.
The train travels at up to 105km/h as it travels back through the station.
The ride has a strong presence at the front of the park.
The train roaring back towards the station.
The walk to the Big Brother house has some interesting views....
From the Buzzsaw queue you also get to see the back end of Thunder River and the old chairlift.
The plus side of the new queue arrangement is being able to watch the ride in action.
Months on and the Queue TV screens are still broken. What's the point of paying to install and integrate them with the theming if you have no intention of acutally making them work?
The positioning of the back gates means the end of the "themed" section of queue is deadended by the gates. The entry end of the themed queue section is roped off, but you can still peer down.