Seatbelts have been added Shockwave, something not seen on other identical rides anywhere else in the world.
Shockwave is a family-friendly flat ride.
Stairs -- the theme park's mortal enemy -- now connect Shockwave more directly with the front of the park.
Shockwave is also having work done on it.

Because tigers live there instead!

The Lair has had all signage and references to lions removed. Why?....
Shockwave has settled in, and predictably, its fallen in line to be roughly as popular as the rest of the rest of the Ocean Parade flat rides.
When the sun sets the station lights up.
All that remains is for you to head out and ride.
But it was 100% intentional texturisation, like salt-water corrosion or something.
Perhaps a bit of a bugbear with the main signage...Notice those patches...You might think they just haven't patched up some plaster joins and seams, or it might be a bit of concrete splatter from the tradesmen when building the ride.
You might be forgiven for thinking the ride was still being built, but the backdrop is still plain white on the Kids World side. Lets hope this gets sorted when the Dreamworks retheme comes to the area.
Plastic drum = theming.
The backdrop.
And this would be the Hydro Energy plant!

The blurb on reads: Travel through an undersea world to reach a hydro energy plant, the docking station for a deep sea discovery vessel.

We're guessing this garden with aqua coloured bark chips is the undersea world.

Lets look at the surroundings of the ride. Heres the sign.

You get on and off the disk via this nifty little bridge with swing out railings and a swing up floor.