Pandamonium reopens. Stomachs churn.
Even relatively new rides like Pandamonium remain eerily lifeless during the ongoing safety audit.
If you're one for the sorts of spinning rides seen at the agricultural shows and carnivals around the country this is right up your alley. If you get sick easily then this will be tough to take (Though the cycle time is fairly short if you're neither here nor there)
The view from near the Tower of Terror entrance.
Close up of the detail on the motor covers.
As a spectator attraction its great, each of the arms does its own thing, so it looks quite chaotic.
The ride really fires up at full speed, looking almost violent in its rotation.
A front on view of the exposed vehicles. This shot was taken a the beginning of one of the infrequent "Soft Style" cycles. We think it might be that some guests might be put off by seeing the ride at full steam, and walk away not realising a more gentle cycle is availabe.
There are 6 rickshaws holding 4 guests each. An OTSR holds you in quite comfortably, and only touches the top of your legs depending on your size. The front seats are best, you can put your legs out for a "floorless" effect.
The central hub features a rather impressive golden dragon.
The vast majority of riders were choosing the "Hard Style" queue, with the "Soft Style" queue (seen on the left) virtually deserted. This meant the ride was basically run hard style on most cycles, with soft cycle beign run when enough guests turned up to warrant it.
"Soft Style" riders are only swung around 180 degrees side to side, slowly, and without going upside down.
"Hard Style" riders are swung through full 360 loopings, at high speed.
The entrance. Guests can choose the "Hard Style" or "Soft Style" queue depending on desired intensity.
Pandamonium is the flagship attraction of the Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomness. Guests ride in one of 6 Rickshaws that swing 360 degrees sideways, whilst revolving around a central hub.