Abyss' dive loop.
Inversions abound.
Abyss remains the single biggest investment at the park.
A new paved area has been opened with the ride, with good views of the surrounding thrills. Fun Fact: Adventure World is the only major amusement park in Australia that retains a chairlift or skyride.
This could have almost been a 4th inversion had it been overbanked just a touch more.
For those interested in wheel assemblies.
Zooming up into the midcourse brakes.
The final inversion: the dive loop.
Right at this moment 8 riders are in fear of decapitation.
The lift tops out at 30m high. That's half a Hypercoaster!
The compact trains are highly manoeuvrable..
Dropping off the midcourse brakes, past one of the guardians.
A healthy dose of airtime here!
Here's a good run down of the outdoor part of the layout. Vertical Lift > Beyond Vertical Drop > Immelmann > Overbanked Turn > Airtime Hill > Upwards Curve > Midcourse Brakes > Drop > Dive Loop > Turn > Final Brakes.
After the overbank is an airtime hill with a great 'head chopper' effect as it ducks under the midcourse brakes. Following the midcourse brakes is a drop and a compact dive loop.
Following the first inversion (An Immelmann) comes this overbanked turn.
From the building you emerge and climb the vertical lift and straight over into a steeper than vertical drop.
This rare shot during construction shows the layout of the first part of the ride, now hidden in darkness in the building. It features a sudden, near vertical drop, two turns, and a barrel roll.