The finish line. The screens display times and overall placings.
Tantrum features two open ended funnels, and one enclosed one.
At the finish line a gantry with electronic signs shows the placings of each rider at the end of the race.
In the interests of a fair race with all lanes of equal length, the 360 degree helixes cross under each other. If you start in an outside lane you'll end up in the middle and vice versa.
The H2Go Racers start of with a set of braided tunnels.
H2Go Racers pit 8 riders against each other in a fast race to the finish.
The slides as seen from the motorway.
The moment where the lanes transition to the open air section. It's all downhill, which sadly means no airtime to grab off the camel humps often seen on similar rides.
H2Go Racers begins with a tangle of enclosed lanes (all calculated to be of identical length due to the way they cross over each other), before merging together for the open air final straight to the finish line.
360 Rush features a capsule on the starting platform fitted with a trap door. With a push of a button riders the door snaps open, and riders drop down and speed through the loop.
360 Rush an H2Go Racers feature a common starting platform.