The lazy river is situated in a quiet corner of the park.
A helix sits between the two bowl elements.
Riptide is reportedly the most thrilling slide in the complex, owing to it's large double dip drop.
In between Double Bowlseye and The Curler,  the green coloured Riptide drops down through.
Double Bowlseye is a Proslide Behemoth Bowl 40. Rafts spiral down two consecutive toilet bowls, though unlike the typical situation in Sydney riders are washed into a swimming pool rather than Bondi Beach.
The green slide starts off with a couple of back to back turns, with a fast double dip finish to the landing pool.
The Curler and Riptide are fairly conventional family raft slides, but alternate between dark enclosed and open air sections.
Unlike other bowl attractions, this lacks the steep run in seen, so rafts will likely just lazily drift around the bowl for a single revolution.
The Double BowlsEye features a couple of toilet bowl features, where the raft enters at a tangent before spiraling towards the center and dropping sharply down a chute in the middle.