The slide appears to float in mid air. Some creative supports means the ride is cantilevered off the main structure over the rest of the slides in the complex.
The runout lane for each slide is helpfully labeled.
The wall of the half pipe slide can be seen in the background.
The 'constricting' spirals of Tropical Cyclone stand out in red and yellow.
Lockers in the park do not require a touch screen to access...Just touch your wristband on the door and go.
Half Pipe starts off with a couple of turns in the dark, before a large drop.
Aquatube sends you through pitch black darkness, with not a silver of light to be seen. Along the way is a suprise hidden waterfall in the dakrness.
The back end of the compex. In the center you can see the turnarounds for the four 'Breakers' and the double dip finale each one features.
Apart from the drums, Typhoon is mostly open air.
We wonder what the neighbours think of a water park opening next door?
In pink are the drum shaped chambers rafts will wash through on 'Typhoon'. Snaking around the front in navy blue is the Aquatube