Viking's Revenge Flume Ride

Former water ride at Sea World.
Ridden this?
The ride has now sat virtually untouched for 2.5 years.
Viking's Revenge Flume Ride had to be diverted into a new course that threads through the tangle of Storm Coaster columns.
The Viking boats sent off to digital zoom hell.
What's that giant billboard photo on the right? "It doesn't look like anything to me..."
With a replacement apparently not due until 2019, we'll likely be looking at this standing-but-not-operating ride for some time yet.
So many lockout tags. You get the impression they really don't want the ride to accidentally start up.
Rubble has appeared in the Viking's Revenge station, though doesn't appear to have come from anywhere nearby on the ride. It does create the illusion that something's happening with the ride though.
The basketball game has been relocated from the front of the park to make way for Carnivale's main stage. say it's a long shot that we'll see a B&M coaster replace Viking's Revenge Flume Ride in 2019. I'd say it's a long shot that Sea World even know what they're filling the area with given how far off its replacement is and Sea World's penchant for changing their minds.
Viking's Revenge, though shorter in length, was really the pick of the Gold Coast's two flume rides owing to its steeper and more thrilling drop.
This is the only water we're likely to see in the flume channel ever again.
Both Sea World and Dreamworld now have flume rides collecting leaves.
Its removal will hopefully see the convoluted mess of paths, bridges and dead-ends surrounding the ride transformed into something more logical.
With Sea World citing a 2019 attraction to replace Viking's Revenge, it is the castle supporting its final drop that would be the most valuable land for redevelopment.
With the closure of Viking's Revenge Flume Ride, the castle's days are likely numbered too.
The ride's final drop will cast a noticeable shadow over the surrounding area until it's demolished for its eventual replacement.
The entrance to Viking's Revenge Flume Ride has been hastily boarded up following its permanent closure.
The lift hill itself has been gutted. Rollers normally sit between the hundreds of square posts, upon which the rubber conveyor belt sits.
These simple modifications to the trough create enough water turbulence to slow the speed of the boats as they come into the lift hill.
The channel is bone dry and the main overflow pool has also been emptied.